Earthen Endeavors
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Why CLay and Lime Plaster?

Our plasters are healthy, durable, and environmentally friendly providing a high performance wall system with enduring beauty, gracing your walls for years to come!

We hired Liz and Ariel to tadelakt and plaster our bathroom. They were total pros from the get-go. We were impressed by their persistent attention to the finest of details as well as their willingness and ability to educate and collaborate with us throughout the critical preparatory phase of the project. In addition to being highly skilled plasterers I’d also consider them capable designers that carry super high standards regarding process and finish. Ultimately their main goal was giving us the finish we had hoped for and that they did, exceedingly so!”

~ Rob and Siobhan Miller

Liz Johndrow, Owner

Liz has been plastering alongside other natural building skills for 15 years. The last eight years she has split her time with teaching skills in rural communities in Central America and when in the states she is plastering. You can also view what keeps her busy the rest of the time here


Ariel Burns

Ariel splits her work life between timber framing and carpentry in Central Maine and joining Liz on most plaster projects. She loves the intersection of beautifully finished wall systems and handcrafted timber homes.